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Blendid is a company that is automatizing the smoothie-making process, reducing costs and the time it takes to both purchase and produce each drink considerably. The robot that carefully chooses each ingredient to blend for the customer is contained in a kiosk, and is very attractive to students and the general public, as it is something new and innovative that you cannot find just everywhere. 

Blendid's mission is to create healthy, fresh and delicious food made with culinary excellence, delivered with precision and consistency to anyone, anywhere, anytime. By using the app, you can choose your blend, customise it, and then collect it from your nearest Blendid kiosk. This makes the process quick and easy for if you're on the go, or if you're a bit fussy about what you like in your drink.

All of Blendid’s offerings are created by resident chef Kristen Rasmussen. Kristen is a culinary nutrition and food sustainability expert with a passion for real food. From implementing plant-forward, stem-to-root menu revamps at restaurants to teaching about and exploring food science at UC Berkeley and the Nordic Food Lab, she has a deep understanding of the benefits of natural ingredients on our overall well-being.

About the founders/CEO:

Vipin Jain, Venki Ayalur and Vijay Dodd are the three founders of Blendid; they met while working toegther at Barnes and Noble Nook. The discussion of their business idea came when Venki became nostalgic of the way his grandma would create a certain recipe, and thus the idea for digitizing recipes came to fruition.

Vipin Jain is the co-founder and CEO of Blendid. From his fascination with Star Trek came his love of all things robotic, notably the 'replicator' seen in the franchise, which was a system that could create food and water from pure energy, and would be created to perfection every single time. So came the idea for the robot of the smoothie making world.

Venki Ayalur is a passionate leader in building market defining, innovative technologies and products. He is experienced in creating products spanning across layers in software and hardware spectrum, and is versatile in building, coaching and mentoring teams to create greater value for the team and company.

Vijay Dodd, prior to founding Blendid, worked as Sr. Director of Engineering at Barnes and Noble, Director at both Palm Inc and Cabridge Technology Partners and Senior Manager at AT&T.

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