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Candex Founders
Candex is a venture backed fintech company that lets companies engage track and pay their tail vendors in a simple and efficient way.  Their technology empowers companies to remove thousands of vendor records from their financial systems and achieve a single counterparty for tax and compliance purposes.

Great design and attention to detail makes Candex the simplest and most precise way to get tail spend under control.

About the founders/CEO:

Jeremy Lappin serves as the CEO of Candex. Before Candex, he was the founder and CEO of BountyJobs, the leading headhunter marketplace for recruitment - where he grew revenue to $20m in under 3 years and raised $18m from Greylock and Accel. Prior to Bountyjobs, he was Co-Founder at Versity, which was a course management platform for universities and a portal for college students where he raised $12m from Venrock and exited the business for $80m.

Shani Vaza-Wahrmann, Co-Founder and VP of R&D is a seasoned R&D manager with over 15 years of experience leading large R&D groups and delivering complex applications to clients.  Among Shani's areas of expertise are FinTech, cloud based applications, web development and architecture.
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