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In 2015, founder and CEO Derek Richardson ran into a simple problem with a complicated solution: changing his new home's light switches. As an engineer, he foolishly thought "oh I can definitely do this on my own." Wrong. Well, OK, let's give him some credit. He could have done it. But the time, money, and hassle necessary just weren't worth it.
So instead of spending a few hours updating his own home, he's spent the last 7 years creating a new product to make this easier for every homeowner! (Thanks, Derek!)

Enter the Deako light switch. You can think of it like a light switch cut in half. The back half or "Backplate" wires into a standard junction box just like any other switch. But with a receptacle made to fit any Deako light switch, it can be easily upgraded to personalize your home's lighting. Top it off with a screwless faceplate and you're looking at the world's first plug-n-play light switch.

About the founders/CEO:

Derek Richardson has a breadth of experience including Vice President of a company-wide Functional Department, Business Unit General Manager, Strategic Marketing, Business Development, Product Marketing Manager, Engineering Director, and Technical Sales (Field Applications) Engineer. Prior to Deako, Derek worked at Cypress Semicondoctor, where he first worked as Marketing & Engineering Sr. Director, before becoming Vice President of Applications Engineering. He has a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley, from which he graduated in 2007. 

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