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elopage is the SaaS-Tool that can be used by entrepreneurs to set up, manage and scale their digital businesses around digital products, online courses, memberships, tickets and digital services.  

The software provides a one-step platform to digital entrepreneurs. Whether you’re a solopreneur, a start-up or a larger corporation, with elopage you can easily create payment pages, host products, automate invoices and manage customer access to your content. Having created a robust product that builds the foundation to scale digital businesses of all sizes and allows for a fully branded customer experience, elopage has truly established trust and loyalty within the entrepreneurial community in Europe. 

CEO Ozkan Akkilic explains: “With elopage we wanted to draw on our own experience and act as enablers for digital entrepreneurship to help entrepreneurs focus on what they are truly passionate about: their content. Our end-to-end platform brings a completely reimagined infrastructure to build and scale a business to digital entrepreneurs, allowing a new generation of non-technical entrepreneurs to easily set up, distribute and monetize their content, within three hours, on the go.” 

About the founders/CEO:

elopage was founded in 2015 by entrepreneurs Ozkan Akkilic and Tolga Onal. 

CEO Ozkan Akkilic, began by studying Engineering, but dropped out at the age of 23 and became managing director at Gastrokult GmbH. During his 20+ years working in the gastronomy sector, he planned, launched and managed over 25 restaurants. Soon tiring of conventional means of service, he began to build mobile apps that allowed guests to tailor their orders and call for the waiter more easily. Finding that there was no suitable partnering company to handle these mobile payments, he founded what is now known as elopage.  

Co-Founder of elopage, Tolga Onal, began with a Degree in International Business and Management. During this time he founded CoupoBox, a search engine for coupons that he exited witihin just ten months of founding! With experience as a Sales and Purchasing Manager at his father’s trading company, as well as CEO and Founder of Turkish Fashion Affiliate Network, net2p.com, he made the perfect entrepreneurial pairing when it came to founding elopage with Akkilic.

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