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Epsor team

Epsor re-invents employee savings schemes with the best-in-class digital solution for both employees and employers through: 

  • a simplified on-line funnel to implement the solution, taking in charge all the administrative procedures on behalf of the employer,
  • a free, 100% online and tailor-made financial advice for employees to help them in the management of their savings through the algorithms we developed,
  • the support of specialists to accompany and help employers and employees in the implementation of the solution, from the beginning, during all the process and beyond,
  • better performance thanks to a range of diversified investment funds selected by our experts from asset management companies recognized on their asset classes 
  • better transparence on fees.

Epsor's ambition is to offer SMEs the first solution that really fits their needs for employee saving plans: simple, flexible, affordable, and digital. So far, this service has been ensured by traditional operators and banks. They believe they can shake things up and quickly become the reference on this market!

About the founders/CEO:

At Epsor, the 2 Co-Founders, Julien Niquet and Benjamin Pedrini cumulate more than 20 years of experience in the banking industry and in web development.

With an entrepreneur mindset and a passion for human resources, Julien Niquet is an advocate of financial education and wants to encourage greater transparency in the financial sector. He is CEO at Epsor. Prior to Epsor, he built his knowledge of the financial industry at Société Générale as Managing Director of the General Inspection. He graduated from Centrale Lille.

Benjamin Pedrini is COO at Epsor. He is motivated by the need to assist employees in preparing for their retirement by managing their savings, . Before Epsor, he was head of compliance of Société Générale Private Banking. He graduated of EDHEC Business School.

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