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EuroPass China is a full-service digital agency supporting western organizations in better reaching, attracting and converting Chinese Free Independent Travelers. The company provides social media management services and mobile payment solutions, allowing you to share information on your products and services.

EuroPass launched the Global WeChat Travel Experience Mini-Program, a Chinese friendly geolocated travel guide developed within the WeChat ecosystem, for European cities and countries.

EuroPass provides detailed reporting for you to get a better understanding of customers' social behaviours and to achieve accurate market segmentation. They also assist you with a series of marketing campaigns, promoting and boosting your business on various chanels via their well-connected network, with a team of native Chinese P.R. and marketing experts working to best enhance your traffic and performance online. Companies using their service will benefit from a multifunctional 'all-in-one' took to present their products and services, while reinforcing interactions with their followers.

About the founders/CEO:

Guillaume De Roquefeuil and Fabien Buqing XU found EuroPass in 2016.

Guillaume has over 15 years in consulting and in the implementation of innovative software solutions. He has experience in market place startups, SaaS B2B, B2C, digital marketing, social networks and mobile applications. His interests lie in complex project management, business creation, business development and international development.

Fabien Buqing XU has experience in digital transformation, strategy, consulting, strategic partnership, joint-venture, project management, negotiation, team management, contract management, client relationship development and management, and business development. Prior to founding EuroPass, Fabien worked for Areva, Framatome and L'Oreal. 

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