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Exporo is an online real estate investment platform. Investors can take part in real estate projects with as little as 500 €, which were previously only accessible to institutional, financially strong or professional investors. Investors also benefit from short run terms and attractive returns.

Exporo connects private investors and professional real estate companies and thus, creates a win-win situation: Investors profit from access to a previously closed market with transparent information and a quick online process, whereas real estate companies receive funding for the realization of their projects.

Since Exporo’s founding 76 real estate projects have been successfully financed and over 96 Mio € has been brokered. Over 16 Mio € have already been paid back and the success quota is 100%.

About the founders/CEO:

The Exporo story started with an impeccable timing, a smart idea, courage and a team of four founders who complement each other perfectly. The Exporo founders: Simon Brunke, Björn Maronde, Julian Oertzen and Tim Bütecke. 

Simon Brunke is in charge of Sales & Finances on the Executive Board. During his studies Simon  already founded his first company in the field of financial services. With over ten years of experience in financial management and operational management, he is head of the areas of finance and strategy in Exporo.

Dr. Björn Maronde leads the Marketing & IT. He graduated with a PhD in law and also holds a MBA degree. He has already worked as a management consultant and managing director. 

Julian Oertzen leads the real estate team and is the first point of contact for project developers. After studying mechanical engineering, Julian joined BCG as a management consultant. He then headed a CleanTech start-up as technical director.

Tim Bütecke is a member of the Advisory Board. For many years Tim has been the founder and CEO of the financial services and real estate industry. As a civil engineer, he has extensive knowledge and a broad network in the construction industry.

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