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Fazz is a Southeast-Asian digital financial service which gives struggling small businesses the same competitive edge as bigger enterprises. Small and medium businesses are the foundation of local economies in Southeast Asia. They have common problems that hamper their growth potential, such as: complicated incorporation, fragmented services, hidden fees, too much time spent on paperwork, and most importantly, limited access to capital. Fazz helps these businesses with business accounts that provide payments, savings, and credit - making it easy for them to send and receive payments (build), manage expenses (run), grow their capital and get funding (grow).

Fazz is the result of a merger between Y Combinator alumnus PayFazz and Xfers. Fazz’s mission is to make the future of finances accessible for every single business in Southeast Asia. As of October 2022, Fazz has more than 300,000 registered businesses and serves more than 12 million end-users in Indonesia and Singapore. The company also holds the largest number of licenses in the region for e-money, payment acceptance, transfer, lending, banking, and card services.

Fazz comprises of Fazz Agen and Fazz Business. Fazz Agen transformed the traditional business models of micro business owners (i.e. warungs) in Indonesia, by enabling them to provide payment services on top of their traditional revenue streams, effectively transforming them into a banking network that serves anyone who does not have a bank account or access to a bank. Meanwhile, Fazz Business helps growing start-ups and MSMEs, all the way to large corporations, to build, run and grow their businesses across Southeast Asia with the ability to pay, receive payments, grow capital, and get funding. In addition to Fazz Agen and Fazz Business, Fazz also consists of Modal Rakyat – a Peer-to-Peer lending and borrowing service for MSMEs, and StraitsX – a payments infrastructure for digital assets. 

About the founders/CEO:

Hendra Kwik is the CEO of Fazz and was previously the Co-Founder of Payfazz. He holds a Bachelor's of Science from the Institut Teknologi Bandung in Indonesia and he also studied at Schlumberger University in Oklahoma and Sugarland, United States. He co-founded Payfazz which was the first Indonesian company to make it into the Y Combinator. Hendra was selected in the 2019’s list of Forbes 30 Under 30 of Asian young entrepreneurs and rising stars in banking and fintech.

TianWei Liu is the Deputy CEO of Fazz. He was previously the Co-Founder and CEO of Xfers. Prior to this, Tianwei worked for 2 years at Amazon Lab126 as Software Development Engineer. He also held two positions at WIMM Labs (acquired by Google). Tianwei graduated from Stanford University and the National University of Singapore.

Victor Liew is the Co-Founder of Fazz. Prior to co-founding Fazz, Victor was Co-Founder and CTO of Xfers, and had previously taken engineering positions at Credit Suisse and Quora. Victor was recognized by Forbes, 30 under 30 – Asia – for Enterprise Technology 2017.

Samson Leo is the Chief Legal Officer of Fazz. He was previously the Co-Founder and Chief Legal Officer of Xfers. Samson led a cross-departmental working group to obtain a rare MAS approval for a widely accepted stored value facility in Singapore in 2019, and thereafter a Major Payment Institution licence in 2020. Samson’s compliance leadership was also recognised by having received two Singapore Police Force awards - 2018 and 2020 for Xfers’ role in fighting cybercrime.

Jefriyanto is the Co-Founder of Fazz. Prior to co-founding Fazz, Jefriyanto was Co-Founder and Chief Product and Operation at Payfazz, and had previously taken engineering leader positions at Tiket.com and Travelio. Jefriyanto was recognized by Forbes, 30 under 30 Asia – for two categories Finance-Venture Capital and Big Money in 2019.

​​Ricky Winata is the Co-Founder of Fazz. Previously Ricky was the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Payfazz, and had previously taken an engineering leader position at Traveloka. Ricky was recognized by Forbes, 30 under 30 Asia – for two categories Finance-Venture Capital and Big Money in 2019.

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