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FeetMe is a medical device company that produces smart medical wearables and digital health services to improve mobility. The innovative technology from FeetMe allows gait and posture analysis in real-time and real-life conditions. The technology combines pressure sensors, motion sensors and learning algorithms to analyze patients’ functional capacity, as well as empower rehabilitation among sufferers of gait disorders. FeetMe proposes the world’s first and most advanced technology platform for real-world disease diagnostics, monitoring and rehabilitation based on movement data.

FeetMe's sensor comes in the form of a shoe insole and includes both pressure and motion sensing technology. The system is also outfitted with an algorithm to help analyze a person's walk. The technology can be used to monitor disorders associated with disease including multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and diabetic foot problems. 

About the founders/CEO:

Alexis Mathieu is the Co-Founder and senior advisor of FeetMe. Following his studies at École Polytechnique and UC Berkeley, Alexis created FeetMe to meet the clinical needs of the rehabilitation community.

Olivier Saidi is CEO at Feetme. A proven senior financial and business strategist, Olivier started his career as Director of Strategy & CIO at JC Decaux in New York, after which he was a Founding Member of Aureon Laboratories and then Senior Managing Director at CRT Capital Group. He then moved to the hospital & healthcare industry as Vice Chair for Clinical and Healthcare Effectiveness at Mount Sinai Medical Center and School of Medicine. His career led him to China where he worked for Fosun, a multi-billion dollar international conglomerate and investment company.
Olivier is a passionate scientist by education: he holds a Master’s of Science of Paris La Sorbonne, a PhD in Artificial Intelligence form the University of Cambridge, as well as an Executive MBA from Northeastern University.

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