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Flatlooker is a digital native real-estate agency providing services to both tenants and landlord. 

Flatlooker provides tenants with an innovative way to rent their next accommodation. They can visit it and book it online through an immersive virtual reality experience. No more visit/paperwork hassle to handle !

Flatlooker gives landlords an alternative to old and outdated property management services. Flatlooker is cheaper, more responsive, transparent, and increase the occupancy rate of the flats with quick online booking.

About the founders/CEO:

Nicolas Goyet is Co-Founder and CEO. He has engineering background, studying at Polytechnique / Mines de Paris. He has 2 years management consulting experience prior to Flatlooker.

Nicolas Parisot was Co-Founder and COO. He studied engineering at Centrale Paris and at Cambridge University. Prior to Flatlooker, he worked in management consultancy for 2 years. Nicolas passed away in late 2021, but the team remains determined, more than ever in his absence, to make Flatlooker the leader in rental management.

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