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Foxintelligence has developed two B2C free apps: 

  1. Misterfox to receive automatic refunds for train delays or cancellations,
  2. Cleanfox to clean up inboxes by unsubscribing from unwanted newsletters.
Both Misterfox and Cleanfox need the user to synchronize his/her email address in order to benefit from its service. 

As a direct result, Foxintelligence has access to its users' order confirmation emails. After being anonymized to respect its users' privacy, Foxintelligence collects all this transaction-based data to provide its B2B clients with exclusive and impeccable business insights that speak for themselves (What do consumers buy? Where do they shop? What do they spend? What are the market trends? What are the best-selling products or services in a specific industry?). 

Foxintelligence measures e-commerce activity through transaction-based market intelligence. Nothing is guessed, everything is based on actual transactions. 

About the founders/CEO:

Edouard Nattée and Nicolas Rémia founded Foxintelligence in 2016. 
Edouard Nattée founded Westwing France, after having worked at Bain & Company, focusing on retail and private Equity. He is now Foxintelligence's CEO. 
Nicolas Rémia is co-founder and CTO of Foxintelligence.

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