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Foxintelligence is the ultimate data source on your market and your competitors. The company measures e-commerce activity using actual transations made by the customer, meaning that none of their statistics are approximated or guessed. Through Foxintelligence, you have the opportunity of accessing a frequently updated list of best selling products and brands in each category, a comprehensive analysis of the demographics of your product/service, a data history that goes back 3 years, and much more, in order that you can more accurately understand your customer and adjust your strategies accordingly.

What's more, Foxintelligence allows the user to create custom KPIs, to track any metric/s on any dimension/s that you deem appropriate. The data collected is direct, clean, reliable and in real-time. It comes directly from online consumers themselves, collected from their e-receipts (N.B. the data is aggregated which guarantees that no personal data is transferred). Data accuracy, transparency and availability is what the company strives to produce, as they recognized that these three aspects were seriously lacking before they decided to co-found this company. 

The products that they have created are: Foxwatch, FoxwatchAPI, Parsejob, Crawljob, Rich, Foxbrain, Foxpanel and FoxETL.

About the founders/CEO:

Edouard Nattée and Nicolas Rémia founded Foxintelligence in 2016. 

Edouard Nattée co-founded Westwing France prior to Foxintelligence, and was also its managing director, after having worked at Bain & Company, focusing on retail and private equity. He is now Foxintelligence's CEO. 

Nicolas Rémia, a graduate of Epitech and two-time founder, is a software engineering expert. He is co-founder and CTO of Foxintelligence.

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