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Gebeya Inc. is a Pan-African online Freelance Talent Marketplace headquartered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The company aims to become an active contributor to Africa’s digital transformation and build a booming Africa through leveraging continental and global job opportunities for African talent.

Gebeya provides a search-based Platform for pre-vetted professional talent, and managed services for large enterprises, such as Ethiopian Airlines, Air Senegal, Heineken, and telecommunications companies Orange and Safaricom. It also partners with startups such as solar company d.light, logistics and delivery company Paps, and PayDuna, which provides digital payment solutions. 

Gebeya offers five core products for its customers:

G-Search: Search and find your next hire in seconds
Customers can save significant time and cost in their talent search and hiring process through Gebeya. The search-based platform is fast, intuitive, and reliable. Gebeya's network of highly-skilled, certified, and multilingual African talent is available to search and connect with in seconds. Filter for rate, location, and skill sets. Gebeya talents are tested and vetted for quality and experience.

G-Talent: Remote or on-site talent at daily or monthly rates
Clients can augment their team with freelance talents that meet their preferred skill set, experience level, and budget. Multilingual, national, available for short or long-team assignments.

G-Staffing: Permanent hires, available for a one-time fee
Gebeya provides customers with a permanent, full time hire, whether remote or online. This helps cut recruitment time in half by selecting high-quality talent from our pool of pre-vetted professionals.

G-Made: Talent or team on-demand, for a particular project or timeline, at a fixed price 
Customers can enjoy their custom solution built by trusted experts—Network Partners—based on specific milestones.

G-Upskilling: Upskill, reskill, or learn new skills with our top-notch trainers
Gebeya provides remote or online training for corporates who either want their staff to be trained by Gebeya or want to sponsor the training cost in a group of individuals that they will hire upon finishing the training. Gebeya implements this through various partnerships.

Customers trust Gebeya with the future of their businesses, year after year. Its network of highly skilled, certified, and multilingual African talent on a digital platform allows them to service clients across the globe. Gebeya’s vision is of an Africa equipped with a competitive skilled workforce, and a greater number of innovative startups that will drive digital transformation.

About the founders/CEO:

The company’s co-founders are Amadou Daffe, CEO, and Hiruy Amanuel, investor and advisor.

Amadou, a driven entrepreneur with a robust background in IT and extensive experience traveling and networking throughout Africa, founded CODERS4AFRICA to build the continent’s largest software outsourcing company. Now at Gebeya, his passions for tech, talent, and Africa fuel his drive to expand Africa’s freelance marketplace, leveraging the continent’s richest and most indispensable resource: its human capital. Amadou Daffe holds a BSc in Computer Science and MSc in Management Information Systems, which he obtained in the United States.

Hiruy Amanuel is an innovative investor who strives to bring both economic and technological greatness to Ethiopia and Africa as a whole, through enabling entrepreneurship and investment.

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