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Gebeya is a new-age EdTech company that can be defined as a center of excellence for African IT talent. Building a self-sustainable ecosystem that trains, hires and cultivates, the company has positioned itself as an organization that produces some of the most talented African Software Engineers who understand and are specialists in several industries including AI, AgriTech, Blockchain, FinTech, Internet of Things, Media Production, Telecom, and Gaming.

Gebeya provides specialized industry-specific training in software engineering, design, and digital while supporting in the vision and potential of Africans. Once their trainees complete the training program, they become engaged in Gebeya's Marketplace where they match these highly skilled, certified and multilingual African IT professionals with clients across the globe to develop innovative technology solutions, improve development efficiency as well as scalability.

Their vision is a better Africa with a skilled workforce, increased job opportunities and a greater number of innovative startups that will change the way we live. They aspire to become vital contributors to Africa's digital transformation by taking on the initiative to shape the next generation workforce who possess not only passion for technology but a pragmatic mindset constantly seeking for tech-powered solutions to eliminate critical challenges affecting the prosperity of African countries.

About the founders/CEO:

The company has three co-founders, Amadou Daffe, CEO, Hiruy Amanuel, investor and advisor, and John Adams, acting Dir. of Tech.

Amadou Daffe holds a BSc in Computer Science and MSc in Management Information Systems which he obtained in the United States. Over the past five years, he has travelled across Africa in search of top software engineers. During his quest he realised that software has the potential to improve African economies and solve socio-economic problems in developing countries. This motivated him to co-found a pan-African company, Gebeya.

Hiruy Amanuel is an innovative investor who strives to bring both economic and technological greatness to Ethiopia and Africa as a whole. He has spent the better part of his life in pursuit of enabling those in Africa with development progress in the IT world.

John Adams is passionate about Africa. He has over seven years professional experience in building and deploying Cloud Native mobile and web solutions at scale, managing distributed engineering teams half the time. He dables with Kubernetes on Google Cloud. He is also a co-founding member: Coders4Africa (Kenya Chapter, in 2011) and Buymore Limited (Kenya, in 2013).

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