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Gfycat was founded in 2015 by Richard Rabbat, Dan McEleney, and Jeff Harris. They enjoyed viewing and sharing GIFs but were frustrated with their large file size and low quality. Realizing that the GIF experience—short, soundless, looping video—could be delivered without using a .gif file, the team created the GFYCAT and the site was born. With Richard’s product expertise, Jeff’s programming wizardry, and Dan’s logistical acumen, the three managed to turn Gfycat from a side project to a venture-backed startup with 75 million monthly active users. Gfycat currently operates offices in Mountain View, CA and Edmonton, Alberta and is ranked within the top 70 sites in the US and top 180 internationally.

About the founders/CEO:

Dan McEleney is one of our founders and leads operations at Gfycat. Dan has substantial prior experience in IT and project/product management and has a degree from University of Alberta. An avid redditor, Dan’s frustration with the low-quality, slow-loading GIFs he saw on Reddit led to the creation of Gfycat. 

Jeff Harris is one of our the founders. He single-handedly created the Gfycat format based on his deep expertise in building large platforms. Jeff has had an extensive career in software development before devoting his energies full-time to Gfycat.

Richard Rabbat, Gfycat’s CEO, received his PhD from MIT before taking positions at Fujitsu, Google, Zynga, and Tango. At Google, Richard led the “Make the Web Faster” initiative, which led to the creation of new web standards including HTTP 2.0 and WebP, a new image format for the web. 

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