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Launched in 2019, Groover connects emerging artists with the best media, radio and music labels. 

The online platform guarantees musicians get their music listened to and reviewed by media outlets and professionals in the industry. To apply, artists simply have to add the track they want to promote, choose the specific music influencers they wish to contact, and write a short pitch for their piece. In just 7 days, Groover boasts a reply rate of 85%! This means your music, through their platform, really begins to get the recognition and direction it deserves.

Both artists and representatives can save time on their work and are guaranteed to get feedback alongside visibility and new opportunities. Music influencers are no longer snowed under by emails from upcoming artists. They receive tracks specifically picked to fit their tastes, and are even paid for their help, whatever the final outcome, so they keep their full editorial independence.

As of November 2021, Groover has helped the 70,000 independent musicians registered on its platform get feedback from music business & media professionals on over one million songs. In 2021, Groover launched an accelerator program for independent artists scouted out as the most promising music creators on Groover, the goal being to help  them boost their careers and better monetize their musical projects.

About the founders/CEO:

Groover was founded in 2018 by Romain Palmieri, Dorian Perron and Rafael Cohen. The founders studied for a year at Cal-Berkeley where they started developing the concept of an online platform connecting independent artists with music influencers, between Europe and the US.

Romain is Co-Founder & CEO. He found his entrepreneurial roots in The University of California, Berkeley’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program where he met Dorian and Rafaël, having gained an MSc in Management at ESSEC Business School. He completed many short stints at various businesses across France, such as SGCIB and Criteo, before creating the record label December Square. He is also mentor and alumni at Techstars, as Groover joined the 2018 batch.

Dorian is Co-Founder in charge of business operations and marketing. Like Romain, he completed an MsC in Economics and Management at ESSEC Business School. He has a wide array of experience, as he interned at BpiFrance and LaTribune. He first mixed music with entrepreneurial endeavors when he founded Indeflagration in 2016, a multi-platform indie and retro music media service providing interviews, reviews and playlists.

Rafael Cohen is Co-Founder and CPO. Having finished his Master's in Economics and Financial Engineering at Universite Paris Dauphine and taking lessons learned from his time as a visiting scholar at The University of California, he directed music videos for many French rap acts.

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