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Happytal provides patients in hospitals with a large offer of services (such as in-room food delivery, hygiene kits etc.) with multichannel access.

They also help public hospitals optimize private room management and improve revenues by offering:

  1. strategic support to tackle economic potential and implement the solution,
  2. a great team with hospitality expertise within the hospital that is in charge of PR booking,
  3. a full suite of PR management tools, that are interconnected with the hospital system.

They also have a role in improving hospitals' ability to attract and retain key staff, by providing them with concierge services.

About the founders/CEO:

Happytal was co-founded in 2013 by Romain Revellat and Pierre Lassarat. 

Romain Revellat is a Polytechnique and McKinsey alumnus while Pierre Lassarat is an ESCP-Europe and McKinsey alumnus. They founded happytal as a result of their personal experience in hospitals and working for the public health system in France.

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