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Happytal aims to improve the hospitalization process by providing patients with a vast range of services and products that can make their time in hospital more comfortable. Patients have at their disposal the ability to have a massage, have newspapers or chocolate delivered, have their hair done, or even have their children cared for during their hospitalization.

As well as being largely concerned with the needs of the patients, Happytal also offers health facilities a platform to help digitize and facilitate the care of patients, optimize the management of administrative tasks, and allow staff to focus on patients' needs. The startup also provides institutions with counseling and a team specialized in hospitality.

Happytal helps public hospitals optimize private room management and improve revenues by offering:
  1. strategic support to tackle economic potential and implement the solution,
  2. a great team with hospitality expertise within the hospital that is in charge of PR booking,
  3. a full suite of PR management tools, that are interconnected with the hospital system.

They also have a role in improving hospitals' ability to attract and retain key staff, by providing them with concierge services.

In 2022, happytal was acquired by La Poste, which has been operating from prevention to the support of chronic patients at home for several years and aims at making happytal the central contact to coordinate and streamline its service offer for hospitals and clinics

About the founders/CEO:

Happytal was co-founded in 2013 by Romain Revellat and Pierre Lassarat. 

Romain Revellat is a Polytechnique and McKinsey alumnus while Pierre Lassarat is an ESCP-Europe and McKinsey alumnus. They founded happytal as a result of their personal experience in hospitals and working for the public health system in France.

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