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Healint is an international team of people from the healthcare and tech industry, with 3 passions: helping the patients, making sense out of data... and the hope of one day totally mapping how the brain and immune system work.

Healint helps the one billion people who suffer from migraine and other neurological conditions and is the developer of the world’s largest migraine tracking and research platform Migraine Buddy. With more than one million registered users and 100 million migraine days tracked on the platform, Migraine Buddy is the most popular condition-specific app in the world, and a Top 10 medical app in the USA and Europe. 

Using deep analytics and machine learning, Healint generates real-world evidence for patients, physicians, and researchers to improve treatment outcomes and expedite clinical trials. Healint collaborates with the world's leading scientists to improve the diagnosis, treatment, and lives of patients suffering from multiple neurological conditions. 

About the founders/CEO:

Francois Cadiou is the Founder and CEO of Healint. Inspired by his own family experience with stroke, Francois is determined to help patients and their caregivers to provide better monitoring solutions. A tech enthusiast with significant experience in pharmaceutical and medical technology industries, he decided to start Healint, an innovative health startup that resonates with his experiences and passions. He holds a Master's in Business Administration from ESSCA and an MBA in General Management, Strategy, Finance, Marketing, Entrereneurship, Leadership from INSEAD.

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