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Igloo is a Singapore-based insurtech startup on a mission to make insurance accessible, desirable and simple. Their insurtech infrastructure is powered by artificial intelligence and big data, giving customers the power to choose flexible protection that is suited to each individuals' lifestyle. Their system combines partner friendly API, an integrated know-your-customer workflow, a dynamic pricing-model and real-time risk engine and a smart-claims management system to ensure that their processes are equipped to adapt to the individuals' needs. What's more, their cloud based technology can be easily scaled to meet market demand and changing needs.

The company is emerging in a climate where simple and accessible insurance companies are more valued than ever. With the rapid growth, rising urbanization, growing working population and longer life expectancy of the people of Southeast Asia, it is vital for there to exist an insurance company that understands the importance of decreasing costs while ensuring adaptable plans.

Igloo offers a range of insurance, from personal insurance (including travel, accident and disease), lifestyle insurance (including electronic, transit and personal goods) and social insurance.

About the founders/CEO:

Igloo was founded by Wei Zhu, former Chief Technology Officer of Grab (largest ride-hailing company in Southeast Asia) and one of the early engineering staff members of Facebook. He also worked at Microsoft for 8 years as a Principal Development Lead. He was educated at the University of Washington in Computer Engineering.

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