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Amsterdam-based Kaizo developed a platform that uses gamification and AI to motivate customer support agents, save time for managers, and enable teams to scale effectively. By doing so, they help companies deliver exceptional service to their clients.

Kaizo's platform offers several features designed to enhance employee performance, including a personal training space to boost productivity and engagement; weekly personal goals for agent growth; an achievements history to track results; and a customizable Ninja avatar that levels up as agents' skills improve. Additionally, the platform provides insights to help measure team success with a 360° real-time overview of agent performance.

Seamlessly integrating into agents' workflows, the Kaizo platform empowers managers to guide improvement based on performance insights. Its innovative approach and easy installation process via the Zendesk Marketplace have earned Kaizo a spot among the top 10 rated customer support apps based on user feedback.

Over 10,000 users have already joined the Kaizo community, including teams from Foot Locker, Charlotte Tilbury, END., Marley Spoon, Trading212, Capital.com, and many others.

About the founders/CEO:

Kaizo was founded by Dominik Blattner, a product-driven entrepreneur with a mathematical and computer science background.

Since beginning his career as a consultant, where he served as a liaison between business and IT, he became fascinated by the process of translating technical challenges into business solutions. He thoroughly enjoyed being an integral part of a company's daily operations, where the real magic happens.

By combining advanced analytics with Business Process Management to address the challenge of helping enterprises turn insights into actionable advice, he founded his first startup, Cupenya. After applying the valuable lessons learned and successfully growing Cupenya to over 1 million in revenue, he started Kaizo with the aim of harnessing the power of AI to revolutionize global customer support.

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