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Amsterdam-based Kaizo is on a mission to actively guide employees towards achieving their goals and making an impact in their companies. They have created a game that drives motivation and productivity to agents, a tool that helps managers save time and easily scale their teams. The product also helps companies deliver excellent service to their clients, through the way in which it has built a performance management platform for customer support teams that uses gamification and AI to improve operational efficiency, elevate teams' performance and retention with actionable OKRs.

The platform has several features that work towards encouraging better employee performance: a personal training space to boost agents' productivity and engagement; weekly personal goals to help agents grow; achievements history to help the agents' track their results; and a personal Ninja avatar that levels up as agents' skills improve. You also have access to insights which will help to measure the team's success with a 360° real-time overview of agents' performance.

The platform fits seamlessly into the agents' workflow and empowers managers to guide improvement based on performance insights. Its progressive approach, along with its no-hassle download process from Zendesk Marketplace, has made Kaizo one of the top 10 rated customer support apps based on user feedback. Over 500 companies currently use the Kaizo platform, including Truecaller, SimpleSurance, Miro, CreditRepairCloud, Justpark, Festicket and Nmbrs. 

About the founders/CEO:

Kaizo was co-founded by Dominik Blattner and Christoph Auer-Welsbach.

Dominik Blattner is a product driven founder with a mathematical and computer science background. Since starting his career as a consultant, where he acted as a broker between Business and IT, he was intrigued by the translation of technical challenges into business. He has loved being part of a company's daily grind where the real magic is happening. Combining advanced analytics with Business Process Management solving the challenge of enterprises translating these insights into actionable advice, he founded his first startup Cupenya. Taking all learnings into account bringing his first startup Cupenya up beyond 1 million in revenue, he co-founded Kaizo unlocking the power of AI without the threat of human replacement.

Christoph Auer-Welsbach is a product driven deep tech investor and entrepreneur with a strong background in finance, strategy and artificial intelligence and over 10 years of experience in identifying, building, and growing successful businesses in North America and Europe. Having worked both with and for enterprises and startups alike, his strengths are in building the bridge between technology and business, quickly understanding markets and the potential of new technologies, as well as accessing networks and building relationships for strategic partnerships, technology-driven investments, and SaaS + enterprise business model development. 

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