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Karnott is a real-time fleet management and data analysis software for agricultural & wine entrepreneurs. Available on desktop or mobile, Karnott's application helps its users to save time and effort in running their daily business. It also provides them with all the data needed for further analysis to increase productivity and reduce costs. All data is automatically collected when entrepreneurs' teams are working, so traditional notebooks - still widely used in this sector - are no longer needed. Thus, saving time again, with better data accuracy . 2,000 customers are now using Karnott's app on a daily basis, with the software collecting data - and displaying it on various dashboards - from more than 25,000 machines!

About the founders/CEO:

Alexandre Cuvelier, 32, is an engineer by training. An entrepreneur at heart, he created a company during his studies that provides IT services to SMEs in Nord-Pas de Calais, which he sold to his partner to devote himself to this new project. At Karnott, Alexandre is in charge of development and technical management. 

Antoine Dequidt, 46, is a farmer and also an entrepreneur. He took over a farm in 2001 and with his wife created Le Carré de Ramecourt, a business center located in the Pas-de-Calais countryside, before co-creating a consulting firm for more sustainable agriculture in 2020. His role within Karnott: marketing and imagining tomorrow's agricultural uses to federate a network of user-ambassadors.

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