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Kartable, founded in 2011, offers free online courses targeted towards Secondary and High School students in France. The journey that the student takes with Kartable is completely personalized, with each child receiving an assessment at the start of their Kartable career to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. Thanks to its detailed parent dashboard, the platform allows your progress to be documents and evaluated in real time.

Kartable offers online courses across a range of subjects, such as Mathematics, French, History, Geography, Physics, etc., in an effort to digitalize the schooling process and make it to accessible to all those across France.

About the founders/CEO:

Kartable was founded in 2011 by Julien Cohen-Solal and Sarah Besnainou.

Upon graduating from HEC Paris, Julien worked as a Junior Consultant at Bluenove, before moving towards the marketing space, working in Marketing and Business Development for Inter Parfums. Prior to Kartable, Julien worked for 2 and a half years at PwC as a Consultant.

Sarah also studied at HEC Paris, and, other than working various jobs during her education, started her career as President of My Studies, a role she occupies to this day.

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