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Kenbi is a German company providing professional care to patients in their homes. The services include: medical care, household help, basic care, advice and companionship.

Kenbi stands apart from other outpatient care services, as it is ditching the hierarchies for self-managed teams, meaning they empower their employees through investing in traineeships, further education, fair play and decision making power. As well as investing in the people working for them, the company also focuses on developing their own technology. They build on the existing BOS&S care software infrastructure, and have their own team who work on building an additional mobile app. Their goal is to create an app that can be used by all stakeholders to facilitate holistic care.

About the founders/CEO:

Kenbi was founded by Clemens Raemy, Katrin Alberding and Bruno Pires.

Clemens founded SaferTaxi, a Latam Uber copy, of which he was CEO for 7 years. The company raised $12 million, managed 150 employees and acquired 4 competitors. SaferTaxi was eventually sold in parts. He also has 4 years experience in finance: he workd for 1 year in M&A at Lehman and 3 years in PE/VC at Summit Partners. He has an MBA with distinction from Harvard.

Katrin has 6 years experience in building brands, products and offices for a Tchibo coffee spin-off and a Fin Tech startup in Zurich. She has 4 years experience in strategy with BCG and M&A transactions with Citigroup in London, Tokyo and New York. Katrin also graduated from Harvard with an MBA with 2nd year honors.

Bruno, like Clemens, worked at SaferTaxi for 7 years, 2.5 years as CTO, 2 years as VP of Mobile, and 2.5 years as iOS programmer. What's more, Bruno worked at Novabase for 4 years as a full stack developer for Banco Espirito Santo and NOS Telecom as a freelancer. He is an expert in iOS, Android, nodeJS, backend technologies & architecture.

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