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KoRo is a German D2C brand whose mission is to make food accessible to all at fair prices with high quality standards, short supply chains, bulk packaging and transparency. 

The startup, who is known for its superfoods, snacks, and bulk packaging at its core, is rethinking retail. By being maximally flexible with their packaging and bypassing stages in the supply chain they lower costs which translates directly to benefit consumers. KoRo is shipping its products EU-wide.

They believe consumers should be able to understand KoRo’s trade practices through maximum transparency. In line with this product descriptions include comprehensive information price trends, origin, ingredients, and nutrients.  

Their goal is to vertically integrate all products as far as possible into the original source, whilst becoming Europe’s leading supplier of food and goods. 

About the founders/CEO:

KoRo was founded in Berlin in 2014 and built up by Constantinos Calios and Piran Asci; since 2020, Florian Schwenkert has supplemented the management team. 

Constantinos is the joint CEO and co-founder. He is responsible for the Finance, Quality Management, Logistics and Operations departments. He studied law at the Free University of Berlin and Potsdam until he founded KoRo.  

Piran is also the joint CEO and co-founder. He is in charge of marketing, purchasing and IT. Piran also studied at the Free University of Berlin where he earned a master’s in mathematics before he joined KoRo. 

Florian Schwenkert is the COO, responsible for sales, business development and expansion into new markets. Florian, who previously studied business informatics, joined the KoRo management in 2020. 
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