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Founded in 2015, Kyash has built proprietary full-stack banking infrastructure from the ground up to offer mobile-first consumer-facing digital wallets in Japan as well as the modern APIs to business partners for issuing/processing Visa cards. The user can set the usage limit, and the location can be customized with On and Off setting via overseas usage.

The platform offers online payment and personal remittance apps under the Kyash service name, and issues prepaid cards that can be used at Visa merchants. It also provides a new card that is available in three colors, navy, silver, and pink and adopts a simple design with card numbers and card names placed on the back. This is the first Visa card in Japan with an IC chip and contactless payment function that has no card number on the front side.

The company believes the switch to cashless transactions is only likely to get more pressing with the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic and enforcement of social distancing protocols.

About the founders/CEO:

Shinichi Takatori is the Founder and CEO of Kyash. He has consulting experience working alongside private equity investors and consumer industry leaders on growth strategy development, portfolio company performance improvements, and due diligence efforts. His project exposure includes channel strategy for a financial institution, omni-channel initiative for a Fortune 500 retailer, market entry for a multi-national company, post merger integration/due diligence for private equity funds, and supply chain network design for one of the largest retailers in the world. Prior to working at Kurt Salmon as a Business Strategy Consultant, he was in the international strategy planning/corporate sales division of the second largest Japanese bank, engaged in establishing overseas branches of the bank, partnership development with local financial institutions, corporate incentive program along with corporate finance advisory services.

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