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Lalilo is an online tool that helps younger children in kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students to learn how to read, and gives teachers the resources and help that they need to support children in their educational journeys. 

Lalilo's mission is to end illiteracy around the world by giving teachers the technology they need to help struggling readers. With children around the world all learning at a different pace, it is clear that there is not one size fits all when it comes to education. Lalilo recognizes this and as such ensures through their platform that each child receives education that is catered to them.

With over 3000 exercised in phonics, word recognition, and comprehension which all take place in a fantasy world that is accessible to children, teachers have all the tools that they require to distinguish a child's reading level and adjust their teaching accordingly.

Lalilo's platform is used in classrooms in the US and France, with an always-increasing number of teachers and students completing several million exercises each month. Once more emphasizing their dedication to ending illiteracy, Lalilo formed a partnership with the Ministry of Education which means that in France, the entire program is free for school teachers. In addition, during the coronavirus pandemic, Lalilo committed to providing courses and online training through their platform absolutely free of charge, so no child would miss out on the chance to get a better education.

In 2021, Lalilo was acquired by Renaissance Learning, the global leader in technology-enhanced literacy.

About the founders/CEO:

Lalilo was founded in France in 2016 by three engineers: Amine Mezzour (CEO), Laurent Jolie (COO) and Benjamin Abdi (CPO).

Amine Mezzour: Following his graduation from Berkeley in 2016 where he obtained a master's degree in Entrepreneurial Studies, Amine worked as a Special Educator for Apprentis d'Ateuil in Paris, a Consultant for CH Project Management in Japan, and a Product Manager for Vatler in San Francisco.

Laurent Jolie: Having also studied at Berkeley, Laurent also occupied various roles throughout his carreer, working as a Network Security Engineer, an Expert Electronique, a Business Developer and a Professeur des ecoles suppleant. Laurent previously co-founded a startup called Ivyss, a company specializing in Revenue management and advertising for restaurants.

Benjamin Abdi: Benjamin has prior experience in education, working shifts in a social reintegration institution for young adults for EPIDE (Etablissement pour l'Insertion dans l'Emploi). He has also volunteered with ASK as a Homeless helper, providing food and company to homeless people in Paris' streets.

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