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Le Collectionist is a luxury travel brand offering the discerning traveler a selection of exquisite holiday rentals around the world with hotel-like services. The company was founded in 2013 by Eliott Cohen-Skalli, Max Aniort and Olivier Cahane, and began through a desire to offer travelers a guaranteed luxury holiday that was as easy and as secure as booking a hotel room.

With a portfolio of more than 2600 properties, the guarantee that Le Collectionist can offer you stems from the fact that each house they rent has been checked by a member of their team, and each rental is said to have that love-at-first-sight feel.

Le Collectionist has created extraordinary holidays with family or friends in exceptional rental houses. In each destination, Le Collectionist offers: 

- The most beautiful rental houses around the world, carefully selected by its teams

- The best services and experiences, all tested by its tailor teams

- A physical presence to guarantee the quality of service in every destination

Unlike competitors such as Airbnb, they offer a completely personalized service, in which a member of the team will arrange to have a brief phone call to discover the exact needs of the client. As well as advising on the property to which you would be most suited, the company also customizes the client's holiday with a myriad of services. From organizing a transfer to the airport to cocktail training classes, Le Collectionist ensures that your dream holiday is no longer just a dream. In fact, one look at their website will open your eyes to the massive variety of things they can achieve in a property:

'We have recreated a New York bar in a kitchen, manufactured an ephemeral spa, put up a famous DJ in a garden, installed a photo booth in a living room and organized a masked ball in a Renaissance chateau.

Holidays are the perfect opportunity to live the experiences you have always dreamed of. Tell us about your passions and desires: we will use them to create made-to-measure experiences that are customized right down to the smallest detail: from the simplest to the most extraordinary.'

Le Collectionist recently opened a new business department focused on transaction and event services, including luxury rental and property management. They acquired four new companies in Greece and Spain, including The Greek Villas, Ibiza Evolution Services, Vallat, and Insider Villas, further enhancing their position in the real estate industry.

About the founders/CEO:

Max Aniort is co-founder and CEO, having been promoted from Executive Director. Before working for the luxury property rental company, Max worked as both a Senior Consultant and an Analyst, having graduated from HEC Paris in 2010.

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