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Lifen is a 160-person startup based in Paris whose ambition is to facilitate the deployment of digital solutions to hospitals, doctors, and patients. Since 2015, Lifen has simplified sharing medical data and has quickly established itself as the leading MSSanté operator in France with more than 570 partner facilities. Lifen sends 2 million medical documents every month to 240,000 doctors. Founder of the FHIR France meetup and winner of the 2020 ANS Interoperability Award, Lifen aims to use its HIS expertise to develop a platform that radically simplifies the technical integration and operational deployment of all types of digital solutions. 

About the founders/CEO:

Franck Le Ouay : 
Franck Le Ouay is co-founder of Criteo (2,000 employees, €2 billion in revenues), which he accompanied until its listing on the Nasdaq. He then chose to focus on health by developing an ambitious project that would make sense and help improve the lives of everyone. This is how Lifen was born. Franck is a graduate engineer from Mines de Paris. 

Alexandre Huckert : 
An entrepreneur trained in Silicon Valley, he went on to found Planning de Garde. Today, he wants to ensure that all healthcare professionals are able to communicate with each other easily, to improve efficiency.

Etienne Depeaulis : 
The multi-entrepreneur with a passion for disruptive technologies founded Planning de Garde with Alexandre Huckert. Now, he guides his teams through the construction of Lifen's technological components.
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