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Coordination between healthcare professionals remains a major problem in France’s healthcare ecosystem, leading to redundant or unnecessary acts and impacting medical time. With this is in mind, Lifen have created digital solutions that facilitate the transmission and consultation of medical data in complete security. 

Lifen has created a solution for sending interoperable medical reports with 100% EMR (Electronic Medical Records). Its installation takes only a few days and allows for immediate results to be obtained. The time saved thanks to its use will represent the equivalent of new 300,000 consultations and 3 million euros saved.

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About the founders/CEO:

Franck Le Ouay is Co-Founder and President. Before Lifen, he was Co-Founder and Scientific Director of Criteo. He was present during all key stages of the compnay until the IPO of Criteo at Nasdaq in 2013. After this, he was looking for an ambitious product that would help to improve the lives of everyone and that's how he came to cofound Lifen. 

Philippe Douste-Blazy, is Co-Founder and Chairman of the Strategic Committee. He is a seasoned French politician, the former minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Health, Minister of Culture and both the mayor of Lourdes and Toulouse. Before politics, he studied medicine and is a cardiologist by training. 

Alexandre Huckert is Co-Founder and Product Manager. He is a trained Silicon Valley entrepreneur who cofounded Planning de Garde, a collaborative planning application for medical guards in hospitals that is used by more than 60,000 users.

Etienne Depaulis is Co-Founder and Senior Engineer. He is a multi-entrepreneur passionate about disruptive technologies. With Alexandre, he cofounded Planning de Garde.

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