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B2B SaaS companies are working with prospect data from an ever growing list of sources. Leads are coming from product usage, inbound, account based marketing, and new sources every day. Trying to find revenue in the pipeline is time consuming, subjective, and leads to tension between marketing and sales teams. 

MadKudu is exactly what you need if you are running a free trial or freemium offer to specifically pull intent data and send ready user leads over to sales. That data is incorporated with your inbound and ABM motions to create a clear and holistic picture of where all of your greatest revenue impact is, sending the best fit leads to sales, every time.

About the founders/CEO:

After more than 10 years working together in machine learning and computer science, Sam Levan and Francis Brero founded MadKudu with the dream of empowering modern marketers to deliver a relevant and scalable customer journey. 

Sam studied at both Ecole des Ponts ParisTech and the National University of Singapore. He began his career working at AgilOne as VP Product. Subsequently he became a mentor at techstars, which is a position he still maintains.

Francis studied Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University, while also starting his career at AgilOne as Associate Analyst. He continued to work at the company for several years, as Data Scientist Lead and Director of Implementation and Sales Engineering. As well as being the CRO of Madkudu, Francis is also a member of Modern Sales Pros, the world's largest community for leaders in sales, operations, enablement and related disciplines.

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