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Material Exchange is an online database allowing designers, materials teams, product developers and material vendors to work together to help filter and organize the raw materials for their collections in an environmentally friendly manner. Material Exchange works alongside leading brands, the Footwear Distributors, Retailers of America, PTC, and Substance from Allegorithmic. 

With over 40,00 digital materials in their database, Material Exchanger offers a solution which automates data input and improves communication between material suppliers and manufacturers. Through its game changing SaaS-based digital transformation solution, Material Exchange’s transparency will enable the fashion industry to grow whilst aiding sustainability. Their goal is to streamline supply chains and decrease the strain of the fashion industry on the environment. 

About the founders/CEO:

Since February 2019, Darren Glenister has been CEO of Material Exchange. Since graduating from London South Bank University in 1995, Darren has a wealth of professional experience. After working in Interactive Design and Marketing, Darren founded his first company in 2007 which looked to redefine the use of Typography in Adobe products. Following the success of this, he founded yet another company, this time focusing on fashion workflow called MTI/P76. This attracted considerable attention leading to its acquisition by PTC in 2017. Darren then joined Material Exchange to impart his extensive knowledge of innovative digital technologies for the fashion industry.  

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