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Site built by UNOMENA

Maze is the first startup to perform quantitative user-testing at the design phase to provide designers with long awaited actionable KPIs. With this concept, Maze wants to fundamentally change the way digital products are built by allowing designers & product teams to iterate quickly and effectively until their design is proven.

Maze collects actionable insights and analyses how your design performed, with 0 lines of code. This is a new way of testing, which helps you save money and time by quickly realizing that the design of your features doesn’t work. 
Maze has already partnered with InVision and Marvel, the two world-leading prototyping tools, and is looking to integrate with more players as the company grows. Maze already counts more than 2,000 users, including designers from top tech companies (e.g. Uber, Ebay, IBM, Microsoft, Mastercard), digital agencies (e.g. Digitas, Multiplica, HikerCompany) and also freelance designers who couldn’t afford user-testing solutions until now.

About the founders/CEO:

Maze is the brain-child of long-time friends & co-founders Jonathan Widawski, ex UX lead at BAM, and Thomas Mary, former lead developer & architect. They came up with the idea while working on their previous startup: “We had an in-depth prototype of the product and 1,500 users in our waiting list eager to try it out. We looked at the market for solutions allowing us to easily send the prototype to our testers, but only found qualitative, video-based recording tools: we had neither the time nor the resources to spend 500 hours looking at footage to extract insights. That’s what got us started on our path to create Maze: a data-driven approach to design validation”.

Jonathan, the CEO, holds a double Master’s degree in Econmics and Web development; he has worked as Lead UX in Theodo & BAM (M33 group), UX & Dev teacher at Pôle Léonard de Vinci, Serial founder. 

Thomas Mary, the CTO, holds a double Master’s degree in computer science and AI, he is an experienced Lead developer contractor.

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