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Medigate enables healthcare delivery organizations to connect their devices with confidence and turn the associated data into a powerful decision-making resource. The unique visibility, security and analytics capabilities provided by Medigate’s Device Security Platform keeps healthcare’s enterprise network infrastructure running smoothly and patient care being delivered without interruption. Medigate’s platform provides the ‘clinical intelligence’ that accurately identifies exactly what’s on the network and what it’s doing, without any assumptions. The depth of device data generated can be operationalized, as a single source of truth, across security, IT, and biomed teams to stop today’s bad actors and protect patients.  

About the founders/CEO:

Leading the company are the three co-founders who hold the roles of CEO, CTO and COO, the team is completed by a VP of sales and a VP of marketing. Together, they leverage their collective leadership, technology and business experience to execute against the company’s vision and strategy with the goal of leadership in device security for healthcare. 

Jonathan Langer – CEO and Co-Founder
Jonathan leads the vision and strategic direction for the company.  He brings nearly two decades of cybersecurity expertise to Medigate. Formerly a branch leader in the Israeli Defense Intelligence Corps, commanding a team of technical analysts focused on the research of cyber related domains. He was awarded the prestigious Israel Defense Award and holds a LL.B from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya.

Itay Kirshenbaum – CTO and Co-Founder
Itay guides the company’s technology vision and inspires the R&D team to continually innovate. Itay is a prominent section leader commanding over 50 engineers working on cutting edge cyber R&D to achieve some of the most challenging technological projects of the Israeli Intelligence Corps. He holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Tel-Aviv University.

Pini Pinhasov – COO and Co-Founder
Pini leads the development team turning the company’s vision into solutions that exceed customers’ expectations. Pini served as an officer in the Israeli Defense Intelligence Corps.  Pini commanded one of the most sophisticated R&D sections.

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