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Metadata is a data-driven, customer acquisition platform for B2B. Metadata amplifies your content marketing campaigns to your target audience via omni-channel marketing. The company provides B2B marketers with simple prospect database enrichment using over 150 data signals to give businesses greater insights into their current prospects, and easy to implement micro-targeting strategies for prospective new customers.

With Metadata's specific 'identify and target' feature, you can discover your marketing sweet spot. Build audiences using technology usage, buyer intent, firmographic, marketing automation and CRM data sources. What's more, allow your business to experiment and learn at scale. Metadata's AI generates hundreds of tests, so you don't have to! Pinpoint the best performing combinations of creatives, audiences, and results that engage your accounts. Also ensure that you are acquiring and converting as many potential clients as possible. With Metadata, identify demand, optimize to revenue and repeat. Performance, attribution reporting based on pipeline generated, account engagement, existing pipeline influenced, and more.

About the founders/CEO:

Metadata was founded by Gil Allouche.

Gil is a tech entrepreneur whose passion for artificial intelligence, big data, and growth marketing led him to start Metadata in May 2015. He graduated from F.W. Olin School of Business and has worked in several positions in various companies, most notably working in product-centric roles for SAP, TIBCO Spotfire, Karmasphere, Spotfire (acquired by TIBCO) and 1Yell. He is also a serial entrepreneur, having founded/co-founded Maslulim (non-profit), 1Yell and Metadata. He is currently an advisor for Cushion, Ocean Protocol and an Official Member of Forbes Business Council.

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