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Mindsay team
Mindsay (previously Destygo) has developed a Saas platform and Artificial Intelligence technology to easily create Chat & Voice Bots for travel and mobility companies. These Chatbots can answer questions 24/7, in the messaging interfaces travelers use routinely (Facebook messenger, SMS, Skype, Website etc.).

Mindsay develops specific use-cases for their customers according to the business objectives they want to achieve: informational, transactional, inspirational or even service-oriented. In order to scale, Mindsay relies on a Saas platform that allows its product teams to work efficiently and its customers to manage their bots.

About the founders/CEO:

In September 2016, Mindsay was cofounded by Guillaume Laporte, Ilias Hicham and Pierre Pakey. 

Guillaume, the CEO, is their travel specialist. He graduated from the Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne, a well known hospitality university, and HEC, the most prestigious French business school. Previously, he worked at Expedia. 

Ilias is the COO. He graduated from Arts et Métiers, a highly ranked French university, in engineering and business. He met Guillaume at HEC Paris. He worked at Kudoz before cofounding Mindsay.

Pierre is our CTO. He has graduated from l’Ecole Polytechnique, the most prestigious engineering university in France, and Oxford University. He worked at PriceMatch before co-founding Mindsay. 

At the beginning of the Mindsay journey, Guillaume, Pierre and Ilias were the only employees. Two years later, the team is made up of more than 30 young AI and travel enthusiasts working everyday to revolutionize the traveler's experience and journey.
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