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Founded in 2016, Mooncard is the dream expense solution for employees, CEOs, CFOs and entrepreneurs. Working with both small companies as well as multinationals, they are currently the only company to fully automate the processing of expenses and expense accounts.

The Mooncard is ultra-secure and can be easily configured in just a few clicks (spending limits can be set as well as deactivated without hassle, for example.). When an employee pays with their Mooncard, all the information about the payment is automatically and immediately pre-filled and processed into the accounts. All the employee has to do is photograph their receipt!

Employees of the business are passionate and innovative, demonstrating their expertise in their use of several technological and accounting advances. These include the most advanced accounting treatment algorithms in France, an Saas mode solution, an ultra-secure payment card in collaboration with Europe’s leading Visa, and the most comprehensive insurance on the market, in partnership with Allianz and Gras Savoye.

CEO of Mooncard, Tristan Leteurtre explains: “Since we started, we have focused on fighting mental load in the workplace. Executives and company directors have enough to worry about on a daily basis without letting their minds be paralyzed by administrative problems such as expense accounts. Our ambition: to rid all employees, accountants and managers, in the public and private sectors, in small, medium and large companies, of this load.”

About the founders/CEO:

Mooncard was founded by Tristan Leteurtre, Damien Metzger and Pierre-Yves Roizot.

Prior to founding Mooncard, CEO Tristan Leteurtre completed a General Engineering degree and subsequently a Master’s in Computer Science. He came onto the entrepreneurial scene in 2000, taking on the role of Project Leader and Developer at the world-renowned VLC Media Player. Since then, he has gone on to found two companies: Anevia, a leader in telecom software infrastructure, and his most recent venture, Mooncard.

Co-Founder and CTO, Damien Metzger, began his journey completing a Master’s Degree in Information Technology at EPITECH. From there, he began to move up the ranks of e-commerce platform PrestaShop; from Full Stack/LAMP Developer, to CTO, to his final position of Chief Data Officer. Co-founding Mooncard in 2016, he has remained their Chief Technology Officer ever since.

CFO at Mooncard, Pierre-Yves Roizot, first completed diplomas in accounting and financial studies, as well as business management. He has entrepreneurial experience across a wide range of companies, including KPMG, Vente-Privee and Biacelli. In 2016, he helped found Mooncard, and has since become their CFO. 
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