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Nano is leading the market for Vietnamese earned wage access, providing stable borrowing experiences to workers. Through their Vui App, over 100,000 employees are offered on-demand pay from top employers such as FPT Retail, Central Retail, GS25, Family Mart, Kangaroo, and Truong Thanh Furniture. While low-income workers living paycheck to paycheck often cannot afford to wait for their wages, Nano has revolutionized the financial situation for Vietnamese workers by giving them deserved financial security.

Thanks to Nano, Vietnamese workers who would otherwise be at risk to loan sharks can access their wages early to pay off their bills and afford their living expenses. Now, workers no longer need to live paycheck by paycheck, and can finally start to plan for the future. 

About the founders/CEO:

Thang Nguyen is co-founder & CTO of Nano. A software engineer by nature, he studied at Hanoi University of Science and Technology before exploring the world of software development for startups for almost 10 years. Nano is not his first taste founding a startup, as in 2018 he became co-founder and CTO of Focal Labs.

Dzung Dang is co-founder & CEO of Nano. After leaving Harvard in 2014, he became General Manager for Uber, helping to launch the taxi rental service into Vietnam. Before entering the startup world, he also worked as a consultant for McKinsey & Company. 
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