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Neoplants presents an exciting, first of its kind solution to tackle indoor air pollution by designing plants for the future.

Indoor air pollution is up to five times higher than outdoors, and we spend 90% of our time inside. The Parisian Biotech startup is pioneering the development of bioengineered plants that capture and transform volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the main indoor air pollutants.

Using gene editing techniques, Neoplants wants to magnify the power of nature to help heal our environment. In the long term, its ambition is to leverage technology for other large-scale applications such as carbon capture and storage.

About the founders/CEO:

Neoplants was founded by Patrick Torbey and Lionel Mora in Paris in 2018.

Co-founder and CTO Patrick Torbey studied at Université de Paris before completing his PhD in Genetics at Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris. He was a member of the Entrepreneur First EFPA1 Cohort before co-founding the biotech.

Lionel Mora is co-founder and CEO. He holds a Master’s in Strategy and Marketing from EMlyon Business School. Prior to founding Neoplants, Lionel worked as a Product Marketing Manager at Google and was part of a winning team at the Techstars Global Startup Battle in 2015.
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