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Nowports is the first digital freight forwarder in LATAM connecting the continent with the world. Offering maritime, aerial and ground transportation empowered with the latest technology (AI, Blockchain and IoT) Nowports has a great advantage compared with traditional freight forwarders in LATAM.

Nowports is located in Mexico City, Monterrey (Mexico), Bogota (Colombia), Santiago de Chile (Chile), Lima (Peru), Montevideo (Uruguay) & Sao Paulo (Brazil) to provide a more extensive service covering both coasts of the continent.

Nowports has a wide agent’s network supporting our operations and provides excellent service in North, Central and South America, Asia, the Middle East & Europe.

About the founders/CEO:

Alfonso de los Rios & Maximiliano Casal are technical hackers who developed the first 2 platforms in a few weeks. 

With a deep understanding of the forwarding industry, Alfonso's family had a freight forwarder for 18 years and Max lived in Kansas City working in a freight forwarder from Hellmans group. They understand the key issues companies encounter nowadays in the shipping industry.

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