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openIO founders
OpenIO brings the future of object storage to organizations of all sizes today. It offers the most flexible solution to solve the scale-out challenges businesses face.

OpenIO’s robust open source technology helps businesses build hyper scalable storage infrastructures with integrated compute capabilities. It simplifies the stack, makes the most of available resources, and takes a different approach when it comes to next-generation applications like machine learning and industrial IoT.

An innovative and unique architecture design aimed at helping organizations of all sizes to build object storage infrastructures that are easy to deploy and scale over time, from 1TB to thousands of Petabyes. Ready for future challenges thanks to its integrated serverless computing frameworks, which contributes to achieve excellent TCO for the highest and fastest ROI, whitout any form of lock-ins.

Read Reza Malekzadeh's blogpost about why Partech invested in the company in 2017.

OpenIO has been acquired by OVHcloud in July 2020, read Reza's blogpost about their journey here.

About the founders/CEO:

The OpenIO founding team is made of experts, engineers, former intra-preneurs in a large European IT company. 
Laurent Denel, CEO, Jean-François Smigielski, CTO, and the team started to solve massive storage problems more than ten years ago with innovative ideas, and with proven success on productions platforms up to several Petabytes of data and tens of billions of objects under management. 

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