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OpenSesame makes creating and managing corporate learning programs as easy as streaming a movie or creating a playlist. They offer flexibility in subscriptions and in single course access.

OpenSesame provides assistance at every step. Helping you to select the best courses, integrate them with your LMS, and drive employee engagement and e-learning utilization. 

They've curated over 20,000 courses from the world's top publishers to offer one comprehensive catalog, meaning you only have to go to one place for all your training needs.

Since the founding of the company in 2011, the team at OpenSesame have been motivated by the knowledge that they can help customers to develop the world's most productive and admired work forces.

About the founders/CEO:

Don Spear is CEO and Co-Founder. Prior to OpenSesame, Don founded BlueVolt.com and led its growth to a leading provider of online Learning Management Systems (LMS) for the manufacturing, construction and service industries. With over 30 years of experience starting, building, and investing in companies, Don also received an MBA from Harvard Business School and served as a former submarine officer.

Josh Blank is General Manager and Co-Founder. He has a rich background in technology, software development and user interface design. Josh co-founded the internet services agency PopArt and also co-founded Portland-based technology company Eleven Wireless. He studied at the University of California reading communication.

Tom Turnbull is VP Partnerships and Co-Founder. He loves the energy and culture of startups and has worked at four, including OpenSesame. Tom earned a juris degree (JD) from the University of Washington, and an MBA from NYU. Tom also has a BA in Philosophy from the University of Puget Sound.

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