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Ornikar is on a mission to change the way people learn how to drive. 

Driving schools in France tend to be very small with a handful of employees, making it particularly difficult to book lessons and find available time slots to do them. Thankfully, Ornikar offers a flexible alternative with an integrated learning platform to help students pass both their theory and practical tests, faster and for less. 

Ornikar works with over 1,000 qualified licensed instructors to make learning to drive 35% cheaper than a traditional driving school. 43,000 people now sign up every month in France with over 100,000 hours of lessons being managed on their platform. 

In June 2019, Ornikar raised a $40M Series B round to bring their successful solution to Italy and the UK as well as to develop it in Germany and Spain.

About the founders/CEO:

Ornikar was founded in 2013 by Benjamin Gaignault. 

Benjamin, CEO, is an ambitious entrepreneur who always stives to become the leader in his sector. He was educated at Ecole de Management de Marseille and graduated with a Master's in Commerce, Finance and Marketing. Before cofounding Ornikar, he worked as a Commercial Engineer at SFR and Sipartech. 

Flavien Le Rendu is Managing Director of Ornikar and he has been key to their success. He attended HEC Paris and graduated with a Master's degree in Entrepreneurial studies. Before joining Ornikar, Flavien worked as a venture capital analyst at Jaina Capital. 

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