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Ornikar’s mission is to make driving a positive and safe experience for everyone. The company aims to become a global mobility leader, with the specific ambition to facilitate access to mobility for young people.

Expert of driving pedagogy since 2013, the company has been able to disrupt the traditional driving school sector by democratizing it through its online platform that connects students and certified driving instructors, as well as dramatically reduced prices compared to traditional driving schools. In 2021, the company owns around 35% market share on the theory learning market and has acquired more than 350,000 new customers. Today, Ornikar has a leading position in driving education with more than 2,5M users all across France. Having introduced an innovative, online driving school model and become a leader in road safety education in France, Ornikar plans to take advantage of its unique position to transform the motor insurance industry. In 2021, the company raised €100M to fund the development of its insurance business. Since 2022, Ornikar has been a member of ‘Next40’, French Governmental label, promoting the 40 most promising young companies to become future technological leaders.

About the founders/CEO:

Ornikar was founded in 2013 by Benjamin Gaignault. 

Benjamin, CEO, is an ambitious entrepreneur who always stives to become the leader in his sector. He was educated at Ecole de Management de Marseille and graduated with a Master's in Commerce, Finance and Marketing. Before cofounding Ornikar, he worked as a Commercial Engineer at SFR and Sipartech. 

Flavien Le Rendu is Managing Director of Ornikar and he has been key to their success. He attended HEC Paris and graduated with a Master's degree in Entrepreneurial studies. Before joining Ornikar, Flavien worked as a venture capital analyst at Jaina Capital. 

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