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Oviva, the leading digital diabetes care provider in Europe, helps patients reverse their weight & lifestyle-related diseases with digital therapy support.

Over 60M people in Europe are affected by Type 2 Diabetes, and another 150M are prediabetic, incurring $200B in direct medical costs annually, or 1% of GDP. Additional, indirect costs from productivity losses are as large again.

Oviva helps patients achieve remission from Type 2 Diabetes and Prediabetes by changing their lifestyle and behaviors. Lifestyle therapy as provided by Oviva is mandated by clinical guidelines as the first approach to help patients worldwide. Today, the standard model for delivering lifestyle therapy is face-to-face, however this is poorly accepted, e.g., with only 19% of referred patients completing the face-to-face UK Diabetes Prevention Programme. With Oviva, therapy is delivered when and where the patient is, via the Oviva app, supported by wearables for data collection. Oviva achieves superior results: 75% of patients complete our Diabetes prevention program and over 50% achieve remission.

Our vision is to help over 50M patients live healthier and happier lives by 2025 by digitizing diabetes care. Launched in 2014, we are the European market leader having treated over 280,000 patients across Switzerland, the UK, Germany and France. 

About the founders/CEO:

The founders of Oviva, Kai Eberhardt (CEO), Manuel Baumann (CTO) and Mark Jenkins (UK Managing Partner & Medical Director) were inspired by an innovative Swiss medical doctor who specialised in diabetes.

Observing how patients were constantly on their phones, the doctor rightly believed complex treatments could be delivered more effectively directly through smart phones. By meeting patients in a more modern, engaging way the treatments would ultimately be more successful. Seeing the enormous potential of this approach, the idea for Oviva was born.

While collectively inspired by the Swiss doctor, each founding member has their own personal passion and motivation for creating Oviva. When Kai was studying at university, he was diagnosed with cancer. This experience fundamentally changed his perspective and inspired him to use his technological know-how to digitise and scale medical solutions. Manuel saw the potential in harnessing technology to bring healthcare professionals and patients closer together, providing those suffering from chronic diseases with the care they need. Mark, whilst practicing as a doctor, saw the multiple barriers patients faced when accessing high-quality healthcare and was driven to find transformative solutions to this challenge.

Since 2014, Kai, Manuel and Mark are have combined their motivations to provide everyone with easy access to the care they need, with the ultimate goal of making a difference to health and happiness at scale.
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