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Peanut App is the first online community to connect women throughout all stages of womanhood. Whether you’re navigating fertility, pregnancy, motherhood or menopause, the app provides access to a community who are there to listen, share information and offer valuable advice.

Created for and by women, Peanut App is a safe space to meet women nearby and have meaningful conversations across topics from sex and women’s health to IVF, pregnancy, first years, midlife and beyond. With over 3M+ women using the app and recent accolades including TIME100’s Most Influential Companies of 2022 and Apple’s Trend of the Year 2021, Peanut App has become a coveted destination for women looking to connect, ask questions and find support.

Peanut App’s vision is to serve women at every life stage—from puberty through to menopause—so that three women in the same family at different stages of womanhood can all find community, conversation and content on Peanut App.

About the founders/CEO:

Michelle Kennedy is founder and CEO of Peanut App, one of the fastest-growing social networking apps for women, listed as Apple’s Trend of the Year 2021 and TIME100’s Most Influential Companies 2022. Michelle was formerly Deputy CEO of dating behemoth Badoo, and during her tenure was an inaugural board member of Bumble, which IPOd at a $13bn valuation.

Having worked in social discovery for ten years, Michelle has unprecedented experience and understanding of the safety and growth components of building a social network for women and continues to execute on her mission to make Peanut App the leading network to connect women when they need each other most. She is also a strategic investor in Linktree, Sunroom, Intimately, Lex and more.

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