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By connecting all financial data, Pennylane offers a full and detailed overview for business owners to run their business with a clear picture of their finances.

Thanks to Pennylane, executives are able to make smarter decisions and facilitate their financial management. Without ever leaving the platform, they have access to real-time and accurate data, a smart invoicing tool, and an efficient management of expenses.

Through numerous automatizations, chartered accountants are able to save time on laborious and repetitive tasks, allowing them to spend more time counseling their clients.

Business owners use the platform with their existing chartered accountant, in-house or outsourced, or can rely on Pennylane to select the most adequate chartered accountant according to their activity, needs, and location.

Thousands of companies and hundreds of accounting firms already trust Pennylane.

About the founders/CEO:

Pennylane consists of seven cofounders: Arthur Waller (CEO), Quentin de Metz, Tancrede Besnard, Edouard Mascré, Alexandre Roquoplo, Thierry Deo and Felix Blossier.
They are a bunch of former PriceMatch folks (Partech investment, exit to Booking.com in 2015) long-term friends. The team was created by Alexandre who is US Certified Public Accountant.
Arthur studied economics and econometrics at Sciences Po and Ecole Polytechnique. He then went on to intern at the IMF in Libreville (Gabon) working on bank monitoring and the selectivity of custom controls. After this, he interned in the Global Investment Research Department at Goldman Sachs in London. he then founded PriceMatch with some friends (mostly economists and software developers). PriceMatch focused on industrializing and democratizing revenue management. In 2015, PriceMatch was acquired by Booking.com. After 3.5 years at Booking, he took some time off to travel the world with his wife.

Quentin has achieved 2 Masters' of Engineering, one in Computer Engineering and the other in Computer Science. He interned at Microsoft in Software Development, before interning at Box in the same department. He also co-founded PriceMatch, and was the CTO until 2015, when he became the Manager of Software Development at Booking.com.

Tancrède is a Polytechnique graduate and PriceMatch's most valuable engineer. He has worked in economic research at Columbia (New York), and at Degrémont. He was a developer advocate at PriceMatch where he defined their APIs and managed their servers.

Edouard graduated from HEC School of Management, and has since worked for many companies, including Michelin, Kujjuk, Itmosoil and Sain-Gobain Distribution Batiment France. Before co-founding Pennylane, Edouard worked at Mediarithmics in Business Development.

Alexandre is a French CPA. He also holds the U.S. CPA (Massachusetts) and the ACCA Certificate in Business Valuations (UK). Alexandre studied at ENOES: l'Ecole de l'Expertise Comptable et de l'Audit. He has a wealth of experience in various fields, including in founding companies, which he demonstrated in 2018 when he founded OneCPA, a company that offers accounting, tax and advisory services for the digital age.

Thierry first graduated from Ecole Polytechnique with a MS, before graduating from Telecom ParisTech with a MS in Ingenierie informatique. He interned both at BNP Paribas and GEOCONCEPT Group, before becoming a Developer at PriceMatch in 2014. Similarly to many of his other Pennylane colleagues, Thierry worked at Booking.com, both as an IT Team Lead and Senior Developer.

Felix also graduated from Ecole Polytechnique with a Master's degree in Law and Government, and has an impressive career history, most notably working at Google and McKinsey. He co-founded PriceMatch before co-founding Pennylane.
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