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PrimaryIO intends to become the leading provider of software solutions to enterprises enabling them to move workloads to the cloud as needed, while maintaining total control of data residency and application performance.  Hybrid cloud computing can be a key enabler for lowering IT costs and fostering business agility and innovation. But in order to accomplish these objectives, IT organizations need a way to maintain the control, security, and protection over their data assets so they can fluidly migrate and repatriate workloads as the business demands. But if data cannot be efficiently migrated from one cloud provider to another and/or back on-premises, this may remain nothing more than a lofty aspiration for many businesses. 

To deal with this issue, PrimaryIO has built an application-aware solution that offers organizations an automated way to securely and efficiently operate on public clouds, while maintaining control over their data assets on local storage in private clouds and datacenters. This helps IT managers ensure that data remains protected, secure, and in compliance with corporate data governance and regulatory requirements. As importantly, it gives organizations the flexibility to leverage on-demand, remote cloud computing resources from any cloud provider to improve business agility, lower costs, and increase their competitiveness. The solution allows customers to keep their data on-premise, and benefit from cheap computing power available on public clouds. 

About the founders/CEO:

PrimaryIO was founded by Lorenzo Salhi (COO, CRO) in 2014.

Lorenzo is a veteran with 20 years of experience in the computer memory and storage industry. He has a deep understanding of the critical roles that storage, memory, and caching play in delivering business value by enabling high-performance, transactional, and analytic applications. A proven business leader and entrepreneur, Lorenzo has held senior sales executive roles with various companies, including sTec. He also founded SVS, an SSD company.

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