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Propseller’s mission is to build the end-to-end real estate transaction platform. Propseller is a Singapore-based tech-powered real estate agency employing in-house salaried agents backed by technology and centralized operations. The model enables Propseller to control every aspect of a real estate transaction and to offer consumers the most transparent and reliable way to sell a property for a commission as low as one percent - half the market rate in Singapore. As a result, Propseller’s Real Estate Consultants each closed in 2021 25x more transactions than a traditional agent, and consumers rated their service 4.8 out of 5 across 500+ public reviews. 

Adrien Jorge, CEO of Propseller, explained his intentions in creating the company: “We believe that people deserve extraordinary services when selling their home, which often represents 70% or more of their wealth. Yet, consumers are still dealing with property agents who close on average less than 2 sales transactions per year while generally charging a two percent commission”. 

About the founders/CEO:

Adrien Jorge is Co-founder & CEO of Propseller. He studied at the University of Lausanne and ESSEC Business School before working at Groupon for 6 years, where he became SEA General Manager. He founded Propseller in 2018. 

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