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QAPA's mission is to solve the problem of the employment of “non-managerial workers” through temporary employment and 3-month permanent contracts following this interim period.

QAPA innovates by replacing the reading of the traditional CV with an algorithmic understanding of skills and 'soft-skills' and by digitizing all the processes: recruitment, matching, signing of the employment contract and administrative follow-up. The company relies on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to provide a relevant and almost immediate response to the needs of temporary workers and / or recruitment clients.

QAPA allows candidates using the service to find a job, and recruiters to fill their positions. QAPA's competitive advantage comes in particular from an exclusive matching technology which makes it possible to offer candidates and companies the offers and profiles which align with what they are searching for.

In 2021, QAPA was acquired by Adecco. 

About the founders/CEO:

Stéphanie Delestre and Olivier Zier founded QAPA in 2011, in an effort to facilitate access to employment to all.

Olivier Zier is the Key Account Manager of QAPA. He has 15 years of experience working digitally, notably being the associate director at Pure Agency and director of the Altima office in Paris. 

Stephanie Delestre is the chairman of QAPA. She has 20 years of digital experience and was previously the COO at Qype (acquired by Yelp) and internet director at Eurosport. She is a graduate of ESCP Europe and Paris-Sorbonne University.

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