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Founded in 2016, Reliance Health uses technology to make healthcare accessible and affordable. Through an integrated approach that includes affordable health insurance, telemedicine and a combination of partner and proprietary healthcare facilities, Reliance Health offers innovative healthcare solutions that meet the needs of emerging markets.

Today, it is already one of Nigeria‚Äôs leading digital health providers, supporting  individuals and organizations. For a fixed monthly or annual fee, Reliance Health offers comprehensive health coverage through a 24/7 telemedicine platform that allows for medication pickup and delivery, a proprietary network of clinics or through an extensive network of almost 2,000 partner healthcare facilities.

About the founders/CEO:

Reliance Health was founded by Femi Kuti, Opeyemi Olumekun and Matthew Mayaki in 2016, initially as a telemedicine company known as Kangpe.

Femi Kuti is CEO of Reliance Health and has a huge wealth of experience in the healthcare sector. After completing his degree in Medicine and Surgery from Obafemi Awolowo University, Femi worked as a healthcare investment banker at Goldman Sachs before co-founding Reliance Health with Opeyemi in 2016.

Opeyemi Olumekun is COO of Reliance Health. Since completing his degree in Geology from Obafemi Awolowo University, Opeyemi has worked as a trader with Goldman Sachs and an analyst for a leading Lagos based private equity firm.

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