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Resolution Games is a Stockholm-based studio focused on creating virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) immersive experiences for all -- from games to non-gamers alike. They aim to go further when it comes to what one can do with VR and AR across social engagement, character development and gameplay -- taking full advantage of the incredible sense of presence and immersion possible with VR and AR. 

To date, Resolution Games has created several VR games including Bait!, Wonderglade, Narrows, Bait! Arctic Open and Solitaire Jester and mixed reality game Angry Birds FPS: First Person Slingshot. With over a century of experience playing and developing games they truly believe that VR and AR will rock the gaming world and couldn't be happier to be a part of making that happen. 

About the founders/CEO:

Tommy Palm is CEO and Co-Founder of Resolution Games. Prior to this, he worked at King Digital Entertainment where he takes part of the credit for the huge success of the Candy Crush Saga. 

Martin Vilcans is CTO and Co-Founder. Martin is a veteran game industry developer, with more than 30 years of experience with everything from assembly language programming to server clusters, working with companies like Goo Technologies, Digital Legends Entertainment, and Jadestone Group, which he cofounded with Palm.

Paul Brady is Co-Founder and CCO for Resolution Games, founder of Carve Communications, and a lecturer for the University of Texas' Stan Richards School of Advertising & Public Relations. Paul has more than 15 years of experience in ushering new companies and products to market and helping established players redefine their space or break into new arenas.

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