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As the world’s most prominent VR/AR games studio, Resolution Games is redefining how people come together and play. The studio is evolving the craft of multiplayer game development and publishing with its approach to delivering new IP across VR/AR platforms and beyond. With the largest portfolio of games across all major VR and AR platforms, no other studio has the reach, ratings and range that Resolution Games does. 

The studio’s titles rank among the top-rated and most downloaded games in the space. Games like Demeo, Spatial Ops, Ultimechs, Blaston, Bait!, Acron: Attack of the Squirrels! and Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale illustrate the innovative and immersive ways the studio is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Founded in 2015, Resolution Games is privately held and based in Stockholm, Sweden with offices in Austin, Texas and Linköping, Sweden. Follow the company at www.resolutiongames.com and on Twitter and Instagram.

About the founders/CEO:

Tommy Palm, long-time Swedish games industry veteran, is the founder and CEO of Resolution Games. In this role, he works in the forefront to man the helm of the company’s voyage into creating original IP for VR and AR gameplay that will forever change the way mainstream consumers engage in the platforms. Prior to starting Resolution Games, Tommy was the spokesperson and Games Guru at Candy Crush Saga creator, King Digital Entertainment, where he helped lead the company to its IPO at a $7B valuation. Prior to that, his company Fabrication Games was acquired by King Digital Entertainment in 2012 to provide the platform ultimately used to help the wildly successful company transition to mobile.

Paul Brady is the president and co-founder of Resolution Games, where he helps oversee company direction and leads business development and marketing strategy from its U.S. headquarters in Austin, Texas. Prior to Resolution Games, Paul founded Carve Communications, an international marketing communications agency focused on emerging tech, VR, AR, games and mobile apps. He has two decades of experience managing marketing and communications efforts for the likes of Motorola, King, Kodak, USA Network, Pinterest and dozens of other companies from small startups to large publicly traded companies.

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