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Rohlik Group is one of Europe's leading online grocery delivery services. Founded by online experiential entrepreneur Tomáš Čupr in 2014, it delivers on his vision and passion that people should "Eat Well and Live Well". Its mission is simple - to help people lead happier and healthier lives, by offering a broad selection of awesome food to customers via a technologically advanced delivery service coupled with excellent customer service that truly makes their lives easier. Rohlik’s assortment answers a broad range of customer needs, including high quality yet well-priced private brands, locally sourced goods from small growers and producers as well as top international brands - all delivered - means they save time, which they can spend with family or work. The company is not focused on delivering a small basket, like some other players in the market, but on fulfilling the varied daily and weekly needs of families in Europe. The company's unique customer experience is a combination of fast and precise delivery, large assortment and great value for money. Orders are delivered within 90 minutes with the possibility to select 15-minute same-day time windows, with over 17,000 items to choose from and prices in line with brick-and-mortar competition.

Rohlik Group provides locally sourced and sustainable products wherever possible and is committed to reducing the company’s carbon footprint. Rohlik’s Farm-to-Door program encourages healthy eating and can deliver farm produce directly to customers in as little as six hours. Deliveries are made by green compressed natural gas or electrically powered vehicles; grocery bags are reusable; and the company is reducing food waste through its "Save the Food” program.

Fully integrated is key to Rohlik’s strength as it seamlessly connects its in-house technology with operations. Rohlik’s software is end-to-end, powering all parts of its operations: from its online storefront, to demand forecasting, optimization of fulfillment operations, last-mile routing, payments, and real-time customer communications. This strength enables fresher food, faster delivery, and a superior customer experience.   

Rohlik is present in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Germany and Italy. 

About the founders/CEO:

Tomáš Čupr is a successful serial  entrepreneur. With the outstanding management team he has put together, Tomáš is proud of the agile, highly focused organization he has created, which always prioritizes providing uncompromising service and quality. 

Tomáš began his entrepreneurial journey in 2010. He successfully built and exited two other online businesses: Slevomat (online deals portal) to Secret Escapes and Dáme jídlo (restaurant food home delivery) to Delivery Hero and since 2014 he has focused fully on building Rohlik to become a dominant player in Europe.

Building on his background in e-commerce, Tomáš prioritizes data-led customer service. He works to fully understand the delivery needs of his customers and, using these insights, leverages the latest technologies so the company can deliver full shopping baskets within 90 minutes.   

Tomáš Čupr has grown a formerly Czech start-up into a European trend-setting technology leader with a growing presence across the continent. 

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