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Shippeo helps leading Supply Chains leverage transportation to deliver exceptional customer service and achieve operational excellence. Spending countless hours on calls or emails chasing after delivery information is no longer necessary. Their real-time transportation visibility platform provides shippers, carriers and 4PLs instant tracking of every delivery, and enables proactive communication with end customers.

Thanks to constantly-updated ETAs on every delivery, shippers are automatically alerted when a truck will be delayed. This allows them to inform end customers in a timely manner so they can plan accordingly, significantly increasing customer satisfaction. Operational efficiency also increases, because warehouse staff can ensure docks are not blocked by other trucks or idle pallets waiting to be loaded. Or, solutions can be put in place to avoid stockouts or costly production line halts if an incoming delivery is delayed. 

All loading and delivery times are precisely recorded by GPS, and are easily downloadable, making it simple to accurately measure delivery performance. In addition, having instant access to the CMR and other photos of the cargo allows for unequivocal root-cause analysis and faster resolution of litigations.

About the founders/CEO:

Pierre Khoury, CEO
Engineer graduated from ESIEA and HEC Paris, Pierre Khoury first worked in private equity at Vermeer Capital, where he was one of the founders and where he participated in the operational repositioning of portfolio companies. He is now President of Shippeo and has been leading the company for 4 years in France and Europe.

Lucien Besse, COO
Expert in transportation, Lucien is now COO of Shippeo. He develops and leads Shippeo's commercial and operational activities with the company's customers. Graduate of SciencesPo, Lucien worked in the strategic direction for TF1 before joining Vermeer Capital, where he met Pierre Khoury with whom which he launched Shippeo.
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