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Skello is the workforce management tool that helps businesses of all types and sizes aim for better team organization by automating and optimizing time-consuming Human Resources processes.

With their innovative software, it is easy to keep track of all HR-related processes in one place. When adding events or meetings to the calendar, for example, not only does Skello tell you if there is a time clash, but it is also optimized to warn the user if their chosen schedule conflicts with legal and even personalized rules in the workplace. Internal communication, pay-rolls, swapping shifts at the click of a button and the generation of HR documents are all processes made simple and efficient with the software.

No matter the sector, be it health, restaurant, well-being, hotel or pharmacy, many renowned clients have noted the innovation that Skello has made. As of 2021, many large enterprises such as Intermarché, Mercure, Carrefour and Adidas all use the software to their advantage.

About the founders/CEO:

Skello was founded in 2016 by Quitterie Mathelin-Moreau, Emmanuelle Fauchier-Magnan and Samy Amar.

Quitterie is Co-Founder and CEO at Skello. Having completed a Master's in Management, Business and Entrepreneurship at ESCP Europe, she began her career as a Business Developer, and later a Data Analyst at Work4, leader in HR technology. Delving into a programming bootcamp in early 2016, she picked up all the necessary skills to found Skello later that year.

Emmanuelle is Co-Founder and COO at Skello. After completing a Master’s Degree at HEC Paris Business School, she worked in corporate communication for Turo, the car rental service, and as an analyst for Serena Capital in Paris. With the breadth of knowledge acquired in these industries, she co-founded Skello in 2016.

Samy Amar is Co-Founder and CIO at Skello. Completing a Degree in Business at Loughbrough University, England, he spent a year’s internship at IBM in Morocco, and later became Project Manager at Envie de Fraise, a maternity wear brand. Completing a Fullstack Development and Programming bootcamp, he has been both CTO and CIO at Skello.

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